some pictures...

Here's some recent pictures my friend Jenny sent me. Somehow we managed to let the whole holiday season pass without taking any pictures this year. I'll have to get some from my mom I guess.

These are from getting together with some of my high school friends that were in town around Christmas. I hear people say all the time that they can't believe I've kept in touch with my high school friends. I don't still talk to all of my close friends from high school but there's a group of us that have managed to keep in touch all throughout college and continue to do so. It's pretty unique and I'm so glad to be blessed with all of them as great friends and know their friendships will continue my entire life.

Picture 1: The Girls - From left to right - Tara, Colleen, Jenny, Maya & Leah
Picture 2: The Guys - Bryan, Jay & Jate
Picture 3: Of course...Pat & I