year in review

Well 2005 has come and gone. We spent our New Year's with a yum dinner at Marcus' place and then hung out with Chrissy & Jimmy and Dean & Tracy. It was a great night and somehow seemed to fly by.

2005 was a great year for us. It started off on a sad note with the passing of my grandma but we know she's in a better place! We got to visit Pat's friend, Marc, in NYC and Pat's parents moved back to Indiana to take over ownership at Cross Creek Golf Club. Pat had his first gallery show and had one of his paintings projected onto the Convention Center as part of a public art project. Our summer was spent with many weekends relaxing at the lake and I finally got to see another one of the places Pat lived on our trip to St. Michaels, Maryland. We both jumped feet first into volunteering with the high school students at our church...which has been challenging and wonderful all at the same time. And we ended the year off with the holidays with friends and family. That's just a brief year-in-review, no need for extreme detail I guess.

We both don't set New Year's resolutions...they are just made to break! But we are really excited for 2006! There's a ton going on already. Pat's brother, Brian, gets married in March, we hope to finally go to London in May or so and hope to get out to California sometime as well as Pat's friend, Marc, gets married in August too! It'll be a great year and we're excited for it!

Stay tuned here...