where is indy's public transportation?

So I write today in complete frustration of the recent car accident Pat was in. He's fine...thank heavens! But the car has had its better days. Now we're just in a waiting game with the insurance companies to have it looked at and see what our next step is. We've had to move around a couple of things because of only having one car but it hasn't been that big of a deal. But it has brought up our extreme need for public transportation in Indianapolis.

Pat and I would love nothing more than to drive to a stop, park the car and jump on some kind of rail to get downtown. There's so many people that commute from the northside of town, and all sides for that matter, that a rail would be such a great asset to the city. I hear it's in the planning books...I just wish they'd hurry on up with it! I'm not very patient...can you tell? :)