are you kidding me?

Isn’t it funny how something you read or hear someone say on TV can make you so angry? In reading an article the other day I read something that a Christian activist said and it made me so mad! I know, I’m going to be touching on some issues now that make people uncomfortable, but you know what, it frustrates me. This person was talking about different lifestyles from everything to gay individuals to homeless to rappers (odd combination first off). He was talking about how Christians need to be stronger in their faith and "stand up" against this list of people he had detailed, which was a long list.

Are you kidding me? That’s so not what Christianity is about! Just reading the list I thought, well according to this guy Pat and I have just cut out half of our friends because he had listed all kinds of stuff. Pat and I both feel strongly that no matter what someone’s situation is or what they are going through, you love them no matter what! You support them and show them love in all circumstances. Not “stand up against them” and make them feel like they’re a horrible person and abandoned them. If it was that way then at certain times in both of our lives, our friends would have just walked right out of our lives. We’ve seen this happen in so many of our friends’ lives when they are going through a tough time…lots of their friends just walk right out of the picture or judge them without knowing the whole background and/or situation on an issue they are dealing with.

I really am not a fan of the “What would Jesus do?” campaign, just because it’s been overdone a little, but when I read this article I couldn’t help but think that. Seriously…he would’ve walked right up to any of the “types of people” this guy had listed and gave them a hug and befriended them. You love people…not ostracize them!

Anyways…I keep trying to find the article and I go through so many news sites a day for work that I can’t seem to remember where I read this. If I find it I’ll post the link on here.

Sorry for the ranting today…the article just got me worked up!

On another note…we are headed to be with Pat’s family tomorrow to help them get ready for Kristi and Brian’s wedding on Saturday. (Brian is Pat’s brother). I think Pat and I will be in charge of keeping everyone calm because it’s supposed to be fun not stressful!!! Hopefully we can help them sit down and just let things happen!