being sick

As the weather begins to look a little more like spring here in Indiana, I of course catch the cold that's going around! I stayed home from work on Wednesday and literally slept all day long. I didn't even get up to eat, which made Pat mad. I'm feeling better but not 100%. My nose is raw from blowing it so much!!!

Being sick is never fun, but with the type of person I am it's even worse! I guess maybe it's a good thing I get sick every once and awhile cause it makes me sit down! Last night I was feeling just a little bit better and I sat on the couch to try to relax. As I looked around at our house I realized how dirty it was. So I cleaned the entire house before Pat got home from bowling. He was upset at me when he got home and couldn't believe I cleaned when I was still feeling bad. But I just couldn't stand to sit and do nothing for another night!

Hopefully I can get some more rest this weekend and kick this cold in the butt! I really want to get outside now that the weather is nicer and feeling like this doesn't help me do that! Sorry for the sob story here...realize it probably sounds like that!