april showers & storms

Last night I was so excited to fall asleep to a thunderstorm. I think that sound is just so relaxing! Except when it is in combination with a tornado alarm going off. Needless to say, we were up and watching the TV to make sure we didn't need to take cover or something. Truman, who is never scared of storms, was hiding in the closet. It got pretty bad for awhile and it seemed like we had several close strikes of lightening but it blew over pretty fast. Our drive into work was interesting though...seeing trees down everywhere and then right as we turn to go to my office we see the Regions Building like the picture above. It's about 2 blocks from where I work and the wind just blew right through it! It's weird to see a tower with windows blown out on all sides. Slightly resembles the buildings around the WTC, but of course not nearly as bad and devastating.

On a more upbeat note...we get to attend the final game of the NCAA Tournament tonight! We're really excited and I'm sure we'll have some pictures to share!