one year older

So I'm a little behind on posting here. It's amazing how days just fly by and you're not sure how they've come and gone so fast!

Well I'm officially one year older now! My birthday was on Saturday. All I wanted for my birthday was to sleep in and have Pat make some breakfast (he's really good at all breakfast foods)! After convincing Marcus not to work out that morning, I got to sleep in! Pat made some great omelets and we enjoyed a relaxing morning! That night we went to dinner at Bennihana's with my family, my grandpa and Pat's parents, who came down for it! It was as good as it always is and even better with the company we had with us! Of course, I had to get embarrassed and they sang to me but oh well! My mom and Pat took some pictures so I'll have to post them when I get a chance. They put some balloon on my head...so those may not make the blog!

My birthday gift from Pat was so creative...he made a card with paper doll clothes that sad "for my birthday he wants to take me shopping for our trip." It had a silhouette of London sights in the back. It was very sweet!

Other than that, we've both been really busy at work this week! Indy got hit with a snow storm, which really wasn't that bad, but people still drive like there's a foot of snow on the ground! So that's always frustrating! We're looking forward to a low-key weekend hopefully!

A trip update: It's only two months till we head to London! We looked at some Paris hotels this weekend and I checked everything on tripadvisor.com so I think we'll probably book that soon!

Oh and...CONGRATS to my friend Jenny! She just got engaged in Venice, Italy last weekend!!! How cool is that?