our home

We know many of you haven't been able to make it to our house yet and know that you are always welcome! But I thought I'd start to share somethings I love about our house and with Pat playing with our new camera...what better time to do that!

We leave in the traditional cookie-cutter home, that pretty much looks like every other house on the block. But once you step inside, I'm pretty sure it doesn't look like our neighbors. We were extremely lucky in finding this house and that the couple that built the home had great taste and already had things in place we would've chosen too.

We don't have the house anywhere near as modern as we would like because we know we'll eventually sell this home and we need to make sure we don't do anything too crazy that would hurt the re-sale value. But we continue to add pieces here and there that give it that modern touch.

These are just a couple pictures of a series I'll eventually post on here. These are mainly our kitchen and some other areas - the flowers are in a our entry way and the figure seems to move around our house from shelf to shelf depending on what Pat is sketching at the time.

We just love our house and love adding new things to it and changing other things over and over. We've got a long list of summer projects so we'll see how that goes!