seeing stomp with friends

This post is way overdo but oh well! Last month we went to see STOMP with some close friends. We made a complete day out of it by starting out with lunch, heading to the show and then stopping for coffee and treats on the way home. It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

Pat took some great pictures that day that kind of captured the day. Not enough pictures of people but that's just how Pat does things! :)

We went to see the show with Jimmy & Chrissy and Dean & Tracy. They are friends from church and in what seems like the short time we've known them, Jimmy & Chrissy for over a year, and Dean & Tracy for several months, we have gotten to know each other so well. We all are in a group at church that tries to get together weekly. Becky & Jeff weren't able to make it to the show that day but we feel the same way about them too! They are a great group of friends and are so supportive. We are blessed to have them in our lives!