thinking spring

As spring is finally showing signs that it's here to stay, Pat and I have been chatting a lot about what we want to do this spring/summer. We both have goals of diving into our creativity. Pat with painting, myself with writing and scrapbooking. Our schedules are always so busy that we don't get a chance to spend much time in the studio (our second bedroom which we have named the studio). So we decided the other day that we should commit ourselves to one night a week in the studio. It doesn't seem like much but I think it really would enable us to enjoy being creative!

And of course spring makes us look at our house all the time! Well maybe it's not just spring, but in general, we just love finding new things to do. We've been talking about putting wood floors in the entire house and putting up a fence this summer. We'll see what happens and how funds are but it would be great to do both if we can! Of course we got sucked into HGTV and all those type of shows this weekend, which just gave us more ideas of things we'd like to do to enhance our house and make it more our style. We are always just worried about going "too modern" because we know we will want to sale our home probably within 3 years or so. Who knows...maybe we should just go with it anyways!