The other night we heard Truman barking and he wouldn't stop. Pat went out of the studio to look and see if there was something outside. Instead we both started to hear it, it sounded like fireworks. Pat walked out the front door and there in the middle of our neighborhood was an impromtu July 4th fireworks show. I ran out to watch but by the time I thought of taking photos, the finale had happened. They just passed new legislation in Indiana that allows everyone to buy the "more powerful" and bigger fireworks, so in the next street from ours, someone did just that and shared it with the rest of us. It was pretty cool to watch while standing in our driveway. It made me so excited that spring is here and summer and July 4th is just around the corner.

I love fireworks. In fact, my favorite holiday has always been Fourth of July. Christmas has more meaning to me and those times are great to but I just love everything about July 4th. Maybe it's that when growing up, my family usually didn't have other family around during the holidays, but July 4th was different. My parents always had a get together with lots of friends. I just remember those times to be so much fun. My dad would set up a fireworks display for everyone. He even created a fireworks "display" at our wedding when he let them off as we were announced husband and wife. Which was a huge surprise to me! Now we have the tradition of celebrating July 4th with our friends at Pat's parents' lake house. We can sit in the back yard and watch the fireworks around the lake all weekend!

There's just something that amazes me with fireworks for some reason. Maybe it's the thought of how much it took to create them or how beautiful they look, but whatever the reason is, I could sit and watch them all night long.