we've been upgraded

I was a bit stressed out Sunday and Monday about our flat in London. Something is happening with the flat above one we reserved, I think it's a renovation and roof repair. This is making the flat we reserved not available. So of course I was flipping out! But after many emails back and forth, we have been "upgraded" to a Notting Hill flat with a balcony and it has just recently been renovated. So should be cool to see! They don't have pictures of it yet so we'll have to take some when we get there.

Everyone keeps asking us to send pictures of our trip. We have a computer and internet in our flat so we'll be able to post photos on here and keep you up-to-date on what we're doing. Since I'll want to keep writing...that'll be a good avenue.

Speaking of our trip...I can't believe how bad the American dollar is compared to the Pound and Euro. Ugh! That is frustrating! Oh well, we'll just have to be wise with our spending.