this weekend

This past Easter weekend was filled for us. But we had a good time too! Saturday we headed to Muncie to meet Pat's parents half-way and have lunch with them. We stuffed ourselves at Scotty's and then Pat and I decided to walk around Ball State's campus and headed to the art building. Pat loves going there to see what kind of artwork the students are doing. He never had class in the new Arts & Journalism building and we realized as we were there this weekend that we would have had all of classes in the same building together. Even the art graphics labs are on the same floor as the PR/Advertising labs. We would've seen each other a lot! I did get to enjoy the new building for some of my college career, but things have been added sense.

Pat is still trying to figure out our new camera so he walked around and took lots of photos. I'm still trying to figure out my work camera, which isn't going so well! Somehow, I must have knocked the focus because most of my photos were blurry. Guess we'll be giving Pat the camera on our trip. But here are a few that did come out!