wondering mind

I'm finding my mind wondering today. It probably has to do with the lack of sleep last night because we got back from the game so late. Or it could be how many people are missing from my work because they're off on spring break. But as usual, I logged onto NY Times today and I usually pick some world articles to read and arts articles. However, this time, an hour later I realized my lunch time was over. After it was over for some reason I started thinking about what I used to think I would be doing at the age I am now. You know how you think of that when you're in high school and planning for college. I remember thinking that I would go to college, graduate and then I would be in NYC or someplace like that writing for a magazine. Instead I had the double major of advertising/public relations and went down that path, I think because I saw that as the "safe" path. Not that I don't enjoy what I do, because I mostly do, and I do get to write a lot. But I miss writing about the "human" side of the things that happen around us, the things that make us read story after story for an hour. Whether it's about world news or the latest artist hitting the scene in NYC, I just always get pulled in and read more.

I miss writing and I'm thinking more and more that I just need to jump back into it. But the question is always how. It seems like a huge challenge to even attempt it now that I've been away from that type of writing for so long. Last year I got on the kick of writing during lunch and started two "books" which haven't been touched since. Have you ever wanted to do something and you just need that extra push to go for it? That's how I feel right now. It's interesting because I think Pat is in the same boat with his artwork. That it's something you want to do and have imagined for so long, but it's just figuring out the steps you need to take to get there.

I told one of my friends recently that I always have these visions (not like I'm telling the future or something - just how I picture the future to be or want it to be) and I see Pat and I living in the city someplace (who knows which city) and he's actively selling his art and loving it and I'm freelance writing. Hmmm...maybe it'll happen.