14 hours driving = our weekend

This weekend came and went so fast in just a blur. We headed to my grandpa's in Akron, Ohio on Friday night to help him pack up all of his stuff on Saturday morning for him to move here close to my parents. Driving with my parents, Spencer and us in the same car for 12 hours straight was entertaining to say the least. "Are we there yet?" couldn't have been said enough! Ha!

We managed to pack all of my grandpa's things into a very large truck and headed back to Indiana. We arrived home around 5ish and then Pat and I ran home, showered, ate and headed to Jimmy and Chrissy's. Truman had way too much fun with their kids and Chrissy said he did really well with them. I think he wanted to stay with them instead of going back to our boring home! It was great to hang out with everyone and unwind from the traveling.

Sunday was another four hours in the car. We decided to drive up to surprise Pat's mom for Mother's Day. She was really surprised when we walked into the restaurant so it was well worth it! We arrived home again and I completely crashed on the couch for a nap before we headed to dinner with my family for Mother's Day. We came home after that and laid on the couch watching Notting Hill to get excited for our trip, which can't get here fast enough with how crazy our schedule has been!