our bedroom makeover

Pat and I decided to redo our bedroom about 2 years ago! We gradually painted, Pat made furniture and now I think we're finally there. The only thing left is to put wood (laminate or bamboo) flooring. This will come a little later...but the carpet in our house has to go cause my allergies are getting bad and I'm weird about getting the carpets clean (there's so many horrible chemicals in the stuff they use).

Anyways...I am trying out my work camera in different lighting so thought I'd try it out in our bedroom. So here's our bedroom...no commenting on the photos...I know they're not that great! :) I'm still learning!

We used our previous bed and just painted it and bought some new sheets and stuff on sale! We framed some pictures Pat took while we were in St. Michaels and bought some really cheap lamps at IKEA. Pat built the shelf behind the bed.

Again...Pat's handy work. We painted the dresser Pat has had for years and added some new hardware to it. The other two pieces of furniture Pat built along with the shelf.

Pat painted this "morale" on our wall. I love it but I think Pat's not a huge fan. The artist is always their own worst critic though!

We would love to have real wheat grass, however, I seem to have a brown thumb with indoor plants, so we went with the fake grass. My mom got us the fountain for Christmas, we love falling asleep to the sound of running water (that is when we remember to turn it on).

Close up of the other shelf. Pat's mom got us the artwork for our first anniversary. It's from one of our favorite artists, Darrin Hoover, who we have several smaller pieces from. We first saw his work at a artshow in Florida and have gone to see him a couple times in Indy. We end up talking to him forever whenever we see him and he even gave us a piece for our wedding present! He's very funny and has made it into Target now with some of his stuff. Check his stuff out at whim-ze.com.