mcdonald's fitness dvd...you've got to be kidding me!

Imagine this...someone walks into McDonald's for a big mac, supersized fries and a drink. They are standing in line and realize, hey, I need to work out more...I wonder if McDonald's has work out DVDs? Well aren't they lucky! They do now!

Sitting at a stop light yesterday morning, Pat looked over and saw the sign for "Fitness DVDs" hanging on the McDonalds. I did a little research and it's supposed to be part of their "Go Active Happy Meal" campaign. Wow...they'll try anything to make themselves look better!

Sorry for those of you who dine at McD's...I have been seriously ill from there twice and plan to never eat there again after the last time it happened. Especially after watching Super Size Me (see it if you haven't yet...it will change how you think about fast food). For almost a year now Pat and I have tried to cut out fried foods from our diet. We didn't eat that much before but we've really cracked down on it now. It's funny how hard it is to get a quick meal, especially when driving, that doesn't involve fried foods. Subway's are hard to find usually, and the salad and wraps at the other places have just as much sugar and junk in them that you might as well have the fries! We are guilty of grabbing Wendy's a couple of times this past year, but that's about all. And the occasionally fries with our burger at a restaurant. But when we have had Wendy's it has made both of us feel so gross cause our body's aren't used to it.

Rambling here...but think about ordering that large fry the next time. You might have ask for a side of fitness DVD to go with it. Ridiculous!