sweet sixteen...or not so sweet

Have you seen this show on MTV called Sweet Sixteen? Pat and I don't really watch that much TV but every time we turn to MTV this show seems to be on. Last night while looking to see what the weather was, we got sucked into watching this show. It sucks you in because it's so ridiculous! The basis of the show is kids whose parents throw them extravagant sweet sixteen parties. The word extravagant may not describe it well enough. The episode on last night involved a $300,000 party. WHAT? Why in the world would you ever spend that much money on a party of any type!

Not only is the spending amazing but also how these kids act. They are so ungrateful for what they have and expect their parents and everyone else to bow to their every need. They also show scenes of them with their fellow classmates. Oh my word! Completely cruel! There is a difference between having money and being humble about it and then the opposite end of being out of control snotty with it!

I hate that we watched it last night. It's like we sit there in amazement that these kids truly behave like that. And I hate the fact that teenagers all over the country are probably watching this show. They might compare themselves to these kids and think; well I don't have all that. Or expect their parents to give them everything, etc.

Okay...done with my rant on this. Just had to get that out!