what do you love & dislike about where you live?

I was reading a travel blog I've been checking out recently to investigate some things for our trip. Someone posted this question and it was fun to read through people's responses all over the world about what they loved and disliked about where they live. So I thought, why not do the same thing?

Good ole Indiana...I've lived here since I was 3 years old, so obviously I don't remember anything before that. I love people's reactions when I say I'm from Indiana. Usually they know about the Indy 500 or about the movie Hoosiers. Or I get asked if I live on a farm. Other than that, they don't know a whole lot about it. And then of course there's the reaction I get when I say I'm from Carmel, Indiana. The "rich city" of Indiana. Even people who have never been to Indiana have heard of Carmel. Strange! From visiting Pat's family and friends on the East coast, Carmel truly isn't "rich." And who cares if there is a higher volume of high income families, there are still others not in that category.

Pat and I know are in suburbs of Indianapolis. We have the "cookie cutter" home and actually like it, after making lots of changes to make it more modern though. We both love city life, but yet we love where we are at now too.

But to get to my point...the things I love about living in Indiana are:
Indiana basketball, sunsets over empty fields, all four seasons (at any time of the year too!), thunderstorms, the family feel of Indiana, how nice people are, fresh corn on the cob, the sound of race cars and how Indianapolis continues to get cooler and cooler.

Things I dislike about living in Indiana:
Lack of "hills" (as Pat's friends out East said once - "You can see your dog run for miles."), everyone has to drive everywhere (walk a couple blocks, it won't kill you), slightly "closed minded" people, lack of a "huge" city and all that comes with that and no mass public transportation (at least in Central Indiana).

As many times as Pat and I have said "let's move to NYC" or some other city, we always come back to that we really do like where we live. It's nice. Talking to someone recently who had lived all over the country and ended up here, this has been their favorite place to live. And they lived in what I consider some great places. They said the people in Indiana are so nice and it's a great place for kids to grow up. We don't have kids yet but I'd agree...it was a great place to grow up. And as much as I wanted to jet out of here after college, I found myself appreciating some of the things of Indiana and Indianapolis again.

So...what to you love about where you live? And of course...what do you dislike? Just curious!