is vacation here yet?

This week has been insane at work! I haven't worked out at all this week because I've totally needed the extra hour of sleep to get me through the day. I didn't even have time to sit down and eat lunch yesterday, or even have time to heat it up, and today got around to that at about 2:00. Crazy! Everything's just happening at once. I enjoy being busy but it can wear on you a little. So needless to say I'm ready for the weekend!

And I am SO ready for our vacation, which is only three weeks away! I can hardly believe it! Those three weeks are going to fly by. Next weekend Pat's headed to NYC to meet up with Marc and then go camping in Vermont for Marc's bachelor party. I'm headed to some Cinco de Mayo parties that weekend and having our last Senior High small group until next school year! The following weekend we are driving to Akron, Ohio with my family to help pack my Grandpa up and move him here. And then...LONDON! Pat and I both agree that we'll be so ready for a vacation...for some rest and just time to do what we want to do! Hopefully our time in London doesn't go by as fast as these next three weeks will!