cold cold, hot sometimes, cold...

Does your office have this battle? Well it seems to be a daily battle here. I walk through the parking lot in the morning thinking, gosh I'm glad I wore a skirt today cause it's really hot outside. I walk into the main lobby and still don't feel significantly different about that decision. And then I enter the freezer. I walk into my office area and the second you hit the door to the accounting/marketing department, the cold air hits you in the face and sends chills down your spine.

We have two temperature controls in this small space. No one can seem to figure out which is to my boss' office or which is to the area the rest of us are in. I keep a sweater on the back of my chair that normally only takes 10 minutes before it's on me. However, I'm thinking a thick blanket would be good for the days I do decide to be brave and wear a skirt.

Why can't offices have a normal temperature? How hard is that? We occasionally get a wave of weather from Florida in the middle of July in our office. We've had it be so humid that the papers on my desk start to curl. But somehow there's never that middle -of-the-road, comfortable temperature.

The battle continues...there may however be no end in sight!