world cup

This past week and weekend Pat and I have been trying to catch the World Cup soccer (sorry football) games on TV. I’ve been listening to Radio One in London as usual and have been getting all of the updates on the games.

But what amazes me is the lack of knowledge or even care of this huge event here in the US. While we were in London they were already in preparation for the World Cup to begin. Pubs displayed flags with pride and you’d see fans sporting their favorite team’s gear. Most consider the World Cup to be a bigger event than the Olympics. So why has it not caught on here?

We were watching one of the games this weekend and listening to the chants of the fans and how excited they get. You don’t get that at any sporting event here, I don’t care how crazy the fans are. I feel bad for the US team because it seems like there’s no one there supporting them and yet even the really small countries have a ton of fans backing them up.

Maybe us Americans just don’t have that team spirit thing…that we all can get behind one team for something like the World Cup. Who knows…hopefully it will catch on someday.