the first fish at the lake house

This past weekend we spent some time up at the lake with Pat's parents. It rained alot on Saturday but the second it cleared up Pat was out with a fishing pole on the pier attempting to catch something. I decided to join him and asked if I could try. I threw the cast out and next thing I know I feel something bite and then start tugging. I was yelling to Pat that I caught something in which he replied "It's probably just weeds." He then saw me pull the fish above the water and he couldn't believe it! Neither could I! Pat's dad and Brian have been trying to catch something and neither have been successful and on my first try I get one! Pat helped me get the fish off and we let it go. I should've taken a picture of it for the first Laurent fish caught! Even though I'm pretty sure it was pure luck...I still teased Pat and Terri (his dad) about it!