This past weekend while driving up to the lake house we stopped at McDonalds to use the restroom. We absolutely didn’t get anything to eat there though!!! As I walked back to the Xterra there was a lady who had just pulled in next to us. I waited to make sure she was staying there and started to walk behind her car to get to ours. The second I got behind her car she started backing up, and not just normal backing up, press on the gas backing up. I had to run to get out of the way and not get hit! She continued to pull out and as she almost completed her crazy backing up she rolled down her window, with her teenage son in the passenger seat and another boy in the back seat, and yelled “Excuse Me!” in a rude tone, while she is talking on her cell phone at the same time. I said to her “I was walking and you didn’t even look.” She then responded with “WHATEVER!” and drove off in a frantic, clearly trying to prove her point.

Are you kidding me? This lady had to at least be in her 40s with her kids in the car and on her cell phone. And she responds to me “Whatever” like she’s some junior high girl. What an example to her kids! Of course, later I thought I should have responded that if she would get off of her phone and pay attention when backing up, that she would’ve seen me, but I don’t think that fast.

It had me boiling for awhile because I can’t believe how ridiculous people can be! But, whatever, I’m not going to let people like her ruin my day!