how old do you have to be to start having dinner parties?

This is a question I heard on the radio the other day and made me think...seriously, when do you start having dinner parties?

You see this in TV or movies all the time - about 10 people sitting around a neatly set table, with great food and drinks and just lively conversation and soft music playing in the background. There are couples and singles too. It looks very inviting to me!

Maybe it hasn't started happening because most of us don't have a large enough table! Ours only seats four right now and most are in that same situation. Maybe it's all that we're a bit embarrassed to try to cook for that many people or the thought of cooking for lots of people is slightly stressful. Maybe it's that we're not old enough, this might be something that starts happening later on in life.

We have our own sort of dinner parties now...it involves going out to dinner and gathering at a place where none of us have to work to prepare for the night. Maybe this is our dinner party...and that's okay!