5 months & 21 weeks...half way there!

We had our 5-month doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was a very fast one and everything is looking just great with our little one. The doctor was taking his heartbeat and when she pushed a little harder he kicked or punched her right back. You could hear the thud through the machine. It was pretty funny…the doctor said “well hello baby!” That was the first time he’s reacted to touch so that was cool.

Truman and junior seem to be getting along just great so far. Last night before bed Pat was playing music trying to get the baby to move and not a whole lot was happening. Truman has a new thing of lying between my legs and resting his head on my stomach. So he did that and the baby was moving a ton right where Truman’s head was. Don’t think Truman could feel it but it will be hilarious one of these days when he gets a swift kick back!