spiders follow me everywhere!

So the retreat went good this weekend with our high school students. Pat lived in luxury in a cabin while us girls were at a separate place in walled tents. Now I know, big deal, suck it up Maya! But of course this had to be the one weekend that was really rough on me. My body was not happy! I ended up sleeping only an hour and a half because I was up with horrible stomach cramps. I kept trying to find a way to sleep sitting up in bunk beds while not waking up all the girls. I wasn't very successful though!

So the spiders...they followed me to the camp we were at! First encounter...I'm eating a chicken patty yesterday at the camp (one reason for the stomach cramps was the lack of healthy food to eat). I start to cut into it and notice something...a spider baked into it! I am surprised that I didn't yack all over the table right there...the girls were good and grabbed it and covered it cause they could tell I was about ready to get sick. Not the best when your gag reflex is horrible like mine has been during this pregnancy!

Just minutes later, after we all had calmed down, we're watching one of the girls talk and notice a giant spider crawling up her sweatshirt almost on her neck. Poor girl freaked out...which I understand.

And then while getting ready to go to bed one of the girls was playing with my flashlight and on the beam holding up the fabric was a momma of a spider. It was just chillin with its nasty beady eyes looking at us. After calling in some troops the spider was knocked down and found the end to its life with a shoe.

So that was my weekend! It had much more positive things than the spiders, but I just had to share those moments. I feel bad for the girls in my group...I think I've brought the spiders to them!

I'm feeling better after getting a huge salad in my stomach when we got home and lots of water. I took a ton of photos this weekend so will post them soon as well as ones from Lacey and I's quick trip to Chicago for a conference.

Time to try to get some sleep...hopefully without any spiders!