is the honeymoon over?

Everyone keeps saying that your second trimester of pregnancy is called the honeymoon stage. Your body finally starts to get used to the crazy hormones and the baby’s growing at a reasonable rate. You feel great (well not great but maybe better than before) and usually get a boost of energy.

Well…I think my honeymoon might be coming to a close. My tummy has gotten to a size that is starting to be a bit uncomfortable. My ankles turn to “cankles” when I've been on my feet too much. The lovely swollen kind that looks like you just go from calve muscle to foot with no ankle in between. Tums was good before to help with stomach and heartburn issues but now it’s a daily/multiple times a day must. And I'm now on a momma of a Iron pill that has weird side effects. Some of my maternity pants are getting to tight around the bottom of my belly and I just can't get myself to spend more money on new ones that fit when there's only a few months left. So…what do you think? I think honeymoon’s over!

As Pat said last night...I'm just all belly. Which really is a good thing but I just don't understand how it can get any bigger! Obviously it's possible!

BUT…it means we’re yet one step closer to our little guy being here. It’s getting to the point that we’re both just really anxious to have him to hold and just watch. But we can wait till he’s healthy and ready to come that’s for sure! Hopefully the holidays will make it go by fast!