chillin on one side

So our little guy has started to prefer one side of my belly more than the other. He just chills off to the right side and seems to be kicking me in the ribs. At first it was cute, now it's just painful! He chills there all day while I'm at work and no matter how many times I try to rub and gently move him, it doesn't work. I guess maybe it's good for my posture...I have to sit up really straight to breath right!

Pat checks and listens for our son's heartbeat almost everyday, which he can now hear. Everytime he does this he gets kicked or punched back...too funny!

I sat in the nursery last night and Pat stood by the crib. We kept talking about how ready we are for him to be here but are so nervous too. Pat seems pretty calm about things and I'm starting to get more nervous. I think I'm more nervous about the delivery process than anything! But it will all work out...Pat will be there to support me and I'll try not to punch him! :)