christmas has come and gone

Christmas was wonderfully relaxing for us this year. We spent the weekend with Pat's family and headed to spend time with mine on Christmas day. My feet managed not to swell up all weekend, meaning I kept my feet up! So that was a plus.

We can't believe Christmas has come and gone already. It seemed strange here because it poured down rain all day. It finally turned into just a bit of snow late that night but my mom was hoping for that all day Christmas day!

Now that Christmas is over it's hard to believe that our son is even closer to arriving! The doctor confirmed yesterday that Zane is in the right position. I was excited to hear that. I have to say that being weighed the day after Christmas wasn't my favorite thing! I don't think I've ever done that before! But I managed to be alright.

Pat thinks that I have started to "nest" as they call it. With all the gifts we got for Zane, I was trying to get the nursery organized again and move some things around as well as get our bag almost packed for the hospital. I had the day off so I thought what better time to do that. Pat came home and just kept telling me I was freaking him out because of it. Since I'm normally an organizer, I'm not sure it can be called nesting yet...I feel like I'll be out of control when that happens.