the wedding rings come off...

Last night while at a friend's party my fingers took on the form of sausages. Maybe it was all the sparkling cranberry juice I drank with raspberries floating in it. (Hey it made me feel cool with everyone else drinking their fancy drinks!) But I'm said to say the sausages haven't subsided. I kept looking at my ring finger thinking, "Oh no the time has come." Tons of people have told me how they had to remove their wedding rings because of fingers swelling during pregnancy and I just thought I was going to be lucky.

However, today I had to pour lotion on my hand and pry my rings off. I was scared they'd get stuck, cause circulation to get cut off or something and they'd have to cut them off my finger. Pat keeps laughing at me cause I keep saying I feel naked. I've had a ring on that finger for the past 6 1/2 + years since we got engaged. Weird feeling not to have one now! I might go buy a cheap ring that's big enough to fit so it makes me feel not so naked. :)