Thanksgiving Vacation

Just like the movie Christmas Vacation...our Thanksgiving this year could have been a movie. It's taken me so long to post this because I wanted to wait till I had the photos uploaded. You can see them here.

My Aunt Diane, Uncle Lee and their three kids - Kirsten, Kelsey and Kyle drove from the Washington DC area to join in the fun!

Event Schedule Rundown:

Major events occurred at Crevonis Thanksgiving:
1. Rabbit Kill
During family photos my parent's dog, Kallie, brings in front of the entire family a fresh killed rabbit. This was no small rabbit and she was very proud to show it off. Things were fine until she started tearing the hair out, which of course freaked out my younger cousin, Kelsey. Only my dad's dog!

2. Attempted House Fire - Marcus Saves the Crevonis Home!
We're all sitting around the dinner table, stuffed and enjoying some conversation. Marcus (Pat's friend who daringly joined in the festivities with my family) leans over to Pat to say...is that a shadow on the wall? Above one of my dad's kerosene lamps is a black stain on the wall that runs up to the ceiling. In mass chaos the family gets up to inspect the damage. My dad had left the lamps on too high and it sent soot up the wall, on the ceiling, on the couch and pretty much all over the room. Several of us were blowing our noses later and filled the tissue with blackness. If Marcus hadn't seen the "shadow" who knows what could have happened.

3. Turkey Snatcher
As if my parents' dog Kallie hadn't done enough with the rabbit...she went for more attention. The lamp issue is being taken care of in one room and the rest of us are watching laughing, etc. Kelsey and I have a clear view of the kitchen where the carved turkey resided and two other ones my mom made for leftovers. Kelsey asks "Is Kallie supposed to be eating the turkey?" To which I look into the kitchen to see Kallie with two paws up on the counter eating away at the carved turkey. Good thing that it wasn't the other two turkeys! She got down as soon as I ran into the kitchen and yelled at her.

4. Peace
There was a peacefulness somehow that happened after all of this. The rest of the evening and Friday were pretty uneventful, which was a surprise after Thanksgiving day. We all just laughed about it all!

Weekend's not over though...we headed up to the lake house late Friday night for Thanksgiving with Pat's family.

Events at Laurent Thanksgiving:
1. The Stomach Flu
Pat's mom came down with some type of stomach flu and was miserable. She hung out in their room and rested while the rest of us tried to pull together Thanksgiving dinner.

2. The Toenail
Pat was walking around doing some things and stepped on our dog, Truman's, foot. He thought he heard something but thought it was the wood floors. Truman didn't yelp or anything. I look over from the couch and see blood all over the place on the floor. I see Truman walking and he's dripping blood behind him. One of his toenails was cracked really high up and wouldn't stop bleeding. So we put him in the car and drove to find the nearest vet. We were too scared to attempt to cut it down because of how high it was. The vet had to put Truman out because of how high up the break was. I walked into the room and our poor dog is spread out on the table with Pat holding him in tears. Pat felt so bad...I told him it wasn't his fault...and Truman would be normal eventually. The vet then asked Pat to carry him into one of the cages. Easier said than done! Poor Pat tried his best to hold onto all 85 pounds of him as he made his way to the other room. The dog was completely limp and completely out of it! We had to leave him there for about an hour and then went to pick him back up. He was still pretty drugged up and it took him all day and night to recover. He'd walk down the hall sideways and would try to look at you cross-eyed. Poor guy! But he was just fine the next morning!

So...needless to say our Thanksgiving was eventful! It was still a blast though and we wish my Aunt and her family lived closer so we could hang out with them more!