learning it all in one day

On Saturday we took our childbirth class. It was a “fast track” class so we could get it all done in one day instead of spread out over several evenings for several weeks. This worked out great for us to be able to take it that way.

Both of us weren’t really sure what to expect. I was sure they’d show videos, which they did, and we knew we’d get a tour of where our baby would be born. They covered everything from stages of labor, breathing, tour of facilities to relaxation. It was really good for us to finally go through everything. Pat made it through the videos without passing out…although he said he did get a little light headed. I managed to not freak out during the class too.

My fears now? Well of course the pain is a fear but I feel like I’ll pull through because I’ll know that means we’re one step closer to seeing our little guy. But the whole c-section thing freaks me out. Just that it’s a surgery is the part that scares me. I’m sure in the moment if that’s what they have to do to get our little one out safely, then I’ll be okay, but right now it all seems a little scary.

The funniest part of the class was when we did the 15 minutes or so of relaxation. I was a little concerned because Zane didn’t seem to be moving that much all day and I had been sitting all day. He normally moves a lot when I’m not up and about. Once I laid down and was supposed to be relaxing he of course went crazy. Pat had his hand on my belly and every time he pressed Zane would press right back at him. Pat and I were both shaking cause we were laughing so much. So I’m not sure how relaxed we were but it made me feel better about him moving!

I have to be honest that I had a little bit of a breakdown that evening. I think it was just the whole day full of information, the overwhelming feeling that all of that is soon to be here and I was just flat out tired too. Pat, being the great hubby he is, just held me and let me get it all out. I think I’m fine now…it all just gets a bit overwhelming at times and I’m sure my hormones help with that too!