false alarm

Friday night we thought we were headed to the hospital. We were sitting in church during our Covenant Community service and I had some pretty painful contractions start that went along with terrible lower back pain. They started getting more frequent and eventually happened about every 7 minutes for an hour. Still not close enough to call the doctor but I kept thinking, here we go! However after about an hour and a half they just stopped and only happened a couple times an hour. False alarm! Funny how once it started I was prepared and in a mind set that we were headed to have our baby. But now we're back to waiting again!!!

We had our first real snow of the winter. Rather strange considering it's the middle of January and we finally have snow. Truman couldn't contain himself when he walked outside this morning! And Pat had the driveway cleared in record time. I think he's worried we'll have to run off at any minute and wanted to make sure there's no snow stopping us!