to my husband...

Sorry if this is a little sappy for some of you!!!


I can't believe that we are about ready to embark on the adventure of being parents together. I'm scared, nervous and excited all at once but yet feel calm knowing you'll be right by my side trying to figure it all out too.

You are going to be the best dad. You've never lost your ability to play like a kid and can find the fun in the dullest of moments. I love that we can do things like run in the rain and splash each other and just laugh. Eventually there will be a boy running with us trying to get a big splash too!

Your character, creativity, drive, caring and sympathy for others are qualities that I can't wait to see you help instill in our son as he grows. I picture you two sitting on the floor on a Sunday afternoon using finger paints and you encouraging him to "not to stay within the lines." I can only imagine the loudness of the house with you two and Truman running around with a ball or wrestling.

Thank you gorgeous for being so supportive throughout this whole pregnancy process! You've listened to me complain, have helped tie my shoes when I can't reach and have encouraged me to relax and take a bath as much as I can. You've told me I'm beautiful when I've just felt flat out huge and you've let me cry for no reason at all until the quick hormonal tears have passed. I can't thank you enough.

And now it's just waiting for the moment when you and I stand together over the crib soon and stare down at this little guy that God has blessed us with and will change our lives forever.

Love you Pat.