having a baby easier than a puppy?

Everyone keeps saying how having a dog is more difficult than having a child. That every couple should get a puppy first and then having a baby will seem easy. I'm not seeing the cross-reference here. And I'm not sure that I will see it once Zane is here.

Let's think about this but first though...for my husband's who is reading...he did the grunt work with Truman, our dog. I bought Truman for him to keep him company while I was still at school and the phone calls were so sad when Pat would say "I can't do this...he's ruining everything!" So I did miss the difficult puppy stage...but I managed to be part of it at times when I'd visit and Truman would tear apart anything I left out.

But...seriously, even though the puppy stage is hard, training is hard and keeping up with that even harder...I think a baby might require a little more special treatment than a dog! One huge difference...you can leave a dog home alone for a long time and not worry (once they're trained or crate trained). A child...I think the social workers would be at our door if we left Zane home all day while we went to work.

A door can be opened and the dog goes out to do his business. A baby, we have to help him with removing his business or he'll get a rash. A dog gets a bowl set out with water and food and eats. A baby...don't know how it goes yet but involves breast feeding, burbing, pumping, bottle warmed up and probably another diaper change to go with that. These are just a few of my observations so far...I'm sure I'll have more once he's here!

So it remains to be seen how everyone can keep saying a dog is harder than a child.