It's 2007...the year that we will start our new family. My due date now is exactly one month from today. Yikes...how did that happen so fast? Everyone keeps asking us if we're ready. I'm not sure how you define ready. We really don't know what to expect. We know having Zane will change our lives forever, but we don't really know how yet. We don't know what to expect during the labor process or know how either of us will feel when we see him for the first time. But we are ready for all of the unknown to begin.

Zane's poking in all kinds of places and each day we try to figure out whether it's a foot, hand, elbow or knee that's sticking out. We can't wait to see all those tiny toes and fingers in person. But when he's ready he'll come. It feels like this month might go by slow because of the anticipation. I'm sure our busy schedule will help time fly but right now we are so anxious it's hard to think that will happen.

Can't wait to meet you Zane!