more random thoughts from expecting mother

These two people are going to be parents soon! What? Seriously, how did we go from running around London & Paris to coming home and finding out we'd be parents 40 weeks later?

Pat and I were chatting with a friend the other night about how we felt when we found out. Considering it was the day after our trip, we were on a traveling high and then throw in all the crazy emotions of finding out you're expecting for the first time, not sure how to describe how we felt. There were some teary eyes but I think it was more shock to be honest!

So here we go...40 weeks is almost up! Countdown time!!! It has gone by so much faster than I expected but this month so far seems to be VERY slow! It's almost how we felt before we left for our trip. It was the trip of our dreams and we couldn't believe we were actually going. We were a bit scared of what to expect but overly excited about what we were going to experience. So the days leading up to it seemed to slither by as we anticipated it.

Same now with Zane's arrival. We're so excited and scared too! I wanted the doctor to tell me this morning "Oh he'll be here this week." But obviously they don't have a crystal ball to predict that! So back to waiting for these two crazy people who soon will be called parents!