one of those moments

Have you ever had a picture taken and looked back on it and realized someone captured a truly unique moment? This is one of those photos for me. I remember standing in this spot in Kensington Gardens in London just taking everything in. I remember how the sun was hitting the leaves just right and how even though the gardens hadn't been planted fully yet, how beautiful it was. I envisioned what it would look like in a month or so once everything was blooming and the birds were chirping. Yes, there are many more breathtaking scenes out there than these gardens, but in that moment, it was one of those breathtaking moments for me.

Everyone keeps trying to describe to Pat and I what we will feel like when we see our son for the first time. I'm starting to relate it to the moment captured above. There's no way anyone can describe to us how we will feel...we'll have our own emotions and our own personalities thrown into it. But I do seem to know one thing, it will be another one of those moments that our breath is taken away at the joy of seeing our son for the first time. A little baby that has a bit of me and a bit of Pat all in one. We might not have a photo right at that moment, but I'm sure we'll remember it forever.

And now we at least know a date we'll see Zane (or start the process) if he decides not to come sooner. We went to the doctor this morning and I'm just 2 centimeters dilated. Not a ton of progress from last week but at least it's something. But our doctor scheduled me to start the induction process a week from today in the evening if he doesn't come before then. At least we know that date so if he comes early then great, but we'll just look forward till next Tuesday if he doesn't.