strange feeling

As Zane's arrival approaches it's very strange to be wrapping things up at work and in other areas of life too. I think work is the one hitting me the most because I don't want to start something "big" and then leave it all on Lacey once I'm gone. So I had a goal to have pretty much all of my loose ended tasks wrapped up by yesterday, which means now I'm struggling of what I can do in a couple of days to help Lacey out. It's a very strange feeling for a place that both Lacey and I are usually constantly busy. Lacey will do a great job though! I feel bad for her because everyone keeps saying "Are you going to be okay once Maya's gone?" I'm sure that makes her feel like they have no confidence in her which isn't fair at all...she'll be just great! I have no worries whatsoever...except her getting stressed. Remember Lacey...take breaks and try to hit up some coffee runs for extra motivation! :) And I'm just a phone call away if you need to vent!

The rest of our lives seem to be winding down right now too. There's kind of a break in our Senior High volunteering as they are gearing up for Winter Retreat, which we're bummed we won't be at. We really haven't made any plans for this weekend and coming weeks because we've known that we'd have a brand new baby. I must say it's weird to look at our calendar on the fridge and not see it completely filled like normal! Of course it will soon be filled with feedings, diaper changes and Pat and I trying to get some rest somehow. Pat keeps saying "What did we do?" I'm sure we'll feel that way and be completely overwhelmed but I think at the same time we'll be overjoyed. I hear you learn how to live without sleep and that you adjust to it all...so we'll just be praying for that!