As most of you know I'm not the most patient person and frankly, neither is Pat. So this waiting around for Zane's arrival is driving us both nuts!!! If we knew the date he was coming then maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But it doesn't work that way. Instead we're left in limbo just anxiously awaiting to see him for the first time.

I'm also getting nervous about how much he's moving or not moving. Zane has his on days and off days for the amount of movement I can feel. The other day was a lively one and then today he seems to be sleeping a lot. So I keep trying to find ways to make him move and make sure he's okay. It's so hard not to worry. I can only imagine how bad that worrying will be once he's here!

I now am having weekly doctor's appointments. I'm not dilated yet but everything else seems to be ready to go. I was really hoping that the doctor would just send me right over to the labor/delivery unit...again my lack of patience kicking in!