at home and much more comfortable

You can see more pics of Zane here.

We are getting settled in at home now. It was so nice to come home to familiar territory and our bed! Zane had been having issues in the hospital picking up how to suck...he wouldn't even take out of a special feeder made to teach babies how to suck. So we were so worried about trying to feed him. But the second we got home he starting feeding like a champ! So that was a huge relief! I'm recovering pretty well. I just keep taking it day by day and Pat's making me take it easy, which is good. I'll be ready to start working out again but have to wait for doctor's approval for that.

Thank you so much to everyone who has come to visit us and meet Zane! He's already blessed with so many people that care for him!

Now we're trying to figure out this whole schedule thing. I know those of you with kids are saying "what schedule?" and we're learning that but are trying! Ha!

We are loving every minute of getting to know Zane. He has hilarious expressions and we still even think he's cute when he's crying but hate to see the tears form in his eyes. We're all trying to nap when we can although sometimes that works better than other times! Taking a shower feels amazing everyday! Never thought I'd appreciate that so much!

More to come of course...