the days go by so fast

I love this picture with Pat...he is just a natural at this whole dad thing! See more pictures from the last couple of days here.

Well it's been just over a week that Zane arrived and we can't believe how fast the time has flown by already. Pat goes back to work on Tuesday which is kind of scary for this new mom but we'll be okay! Time is flying by. It's so strange how feeding every 3 hours, having play time and naps fill your day and make it go by so fast.

Zane had his week old doctor appointment yesterday. First of all he barely fussed with all the probing and picking they did on him. That was amazing! He also is weighing in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces!!! So good...he's back up to his birth weight plus some. That was so relieving considering it's so hard to know if he's getting enough milk or not when you're breastfeeding. But looks like we're doing good.

Pat and I ventured out for the first time yesterday without our baby. We had lots of errands to run so we let Grandma watch Zane as we ran errands. We walked around Target kind of in a haze...can people tell we haven't had enough sleep and that we're new parents? It was very strange.

Now we're onto week two! We are constantly in awe at how our child changes every day. We both have been peed and pooped on and that's even cute (for right now at least). He has fussy times but we're learning how to deal with those. We love the times we get with his eyes wide open and playing with him.

More to come...that is when I get a chance to be in front of the computer! :)