two weeks thoughts of you


As your daddy walks you around the house right now to try to get you to take a brief nap before your next feeding I just wanted to write you a little something. I'm going to try to write to you frequently so one day you can read back on it. We can't believe you're over two weeks old already! Where has the time gone? You are constantly changing. You are starting to focus on our faces and on toys and love to be read to and listen to music. Your favorite is the sound of water. We can't wait till we can give you bath once your belly button heals. We're sure that will become one of your favorite times of day.

In just two short weeks our love for you has grown and grown. We are so proud to show you off to friends and we love when you dose off into your deep slumber in our arms. Your dad loves to grab you from mommy the second he walks in the door after work. Your grandparents can't get enough of you and are always coming to visit to spoil you.

Zane you'll never know how much you have changed our lives. I'm sure we'll tease you someday about how much freedom we had before you but we're just teasing. We wouldn't change it for the world.

Your Mommy and Daddy