the sound of silence

Silence...lovely. I'm having a bit of silence at the moment but I'm sure right around the time Pat gets home the silence will be broke. Doesn't he look so peaceful here? Well come around 6 or 7 till about 11:30 or midnight and this peaceful little guy doesn't remember what it's like to not be screaming non-stop. Zane's chosen that time period to just hate the world. He is so unhappy and Pat and I have tried everything from walking him to putting him in the car seat to calm him down. We have to take turns to stay sane. He eventually goes down to sleep and is great throughout the rest of the night but he generally just doesn't like the evening hours. Looking up some stuff to see what else we can try to get him to calm down. He loves the sound of running water but we can't afford a water bill that has our water running for that long! Tempting though...not very environmentally friendly however.

Pat's back at work for the second day. Yesterday morning was very hard as he headed off to work. Zane got fussy, I was crying and I think Pat cried during the drive into work. Pat has been such a huge help with Zane but I'm learning how to do things on my own a bit during the day. It was just so nice having adult company but let me tell you I'm starting to perfect the art of talking to Zane. I talk to him and tell him everything I'm doing as I make breakfast, etc. If someone was listening they'd think I was insane!

Well off to simmer in the silence right now before this evening's Zane storm hits!