zane's fav - water

This is Zane's favorite thing in the world - the sound of running water. He loves getting his hair washed, was the most content baby ever with his first bath the other night and the sound is the only thing that will quiet him during those night time fussy hours we're having. It's so funny to watch his face as he concentrates on the water sound. We've now realized why his baby swing and other baby items have the sound of water as an option.

Things are going pretty well in new parent land. One of our favorite activities this weekend was in the morning after Zane's feeding to place him on the bed and let him and Truman have some bonding time. Saturday morning that meant Truman laid his head on Zane's stomach as Zane tried to figure out what was breathing on him and Sunday it was Zane sitting up on the boppy pillow with Truman's nose right up against his cheek. It's good to see Truman adjusting to our new family member. He has mellowed out which is very strange to see. It's like he knows there's something pretty delicate in the house now and he has to act accordingly.

We still are in the night time struggle from about 8-midnight. Zane totally needs a nap during that time but he just fights it so much. Last night we took turns bouncing, rocking and trying anything else just to keep him quiet. Hopefully one night we figure out what it is he exactly needs to calm himself down!

Pat has been a HUGE help and is just fitting into the daddy role so well. He takes the late night feeding so I can rest up for the other night time feedings. It helps out a ton to have some rest to get through those. We're venturing out more and feel a bit more "normal" as we run some errands and go out to eat. Strangers are drawn to the car seat like crazy. We're just careful that no one touches him as flu season is in full force and we don't want some stranger giving Zane something!

Well almost time for another feeding...amazing how the time in between goes so fast!