a baby changes everything

"A baby changes everything." I believe that line is from a Johnson & Johnson commercial or some other commercial. The commercials are really cute and I always thought...oh that's so sweet. And I still think that. It's strange how when you are going through the whole process of pregnancy and preparing for your baby's arrival you just don't realize how much having a baby will change your life. It's almost an instant change too, from the second they enter the world.

Like Pat has said, as soon as he saw Zane he knew he'd do anything to protect him and ensure he was safe and he just met him. Your thinking on life changes. You realize all those little things like the house always being clean or the laundry always being completed, those things don't really matter. What matters is the moments that Zane is able to concentrate on your face and just stare at you as you talk. Or when Pat walks in the door after work and can't wait a second to get his hands on Zane and kiss him. The moments when Zane falls asleep on Pat or I and we just stare at each other and realize that we have a son.

So yes, I'd agree, having a baby changes everything. But it's not a bad change. And it's not a change you can truly describe to anyone either until they've gone through it themselves. We didn't know what it would feel like to be parents...but we're enjoying it. Just a bit tired but we'll get used to that eventually.