the battle is on

First of all...this doesn't look the least bit comfortable but this is Zane's favorite sleeping position. He just lets his head go and land wherever it chooses. It's adorable!

But the battle of sleep has begun for us. They say you can't spoil a newborn and that they can't get used to anything until about 3 months. Well we think Zane might be bit of an over achiever on that one. We've noticed the past couple of days that he is refusing to nap in his crib, swing, etc. He'll be knocked out while we're holding him, we put him down and he screams. We pick him up to console him and he goes right back to sleep. He's somehow gotten used to us holding him while he sleeps and the only time we do that is at night during his fussy period because we figure at least he's quiet! Well he's figured us out and now wants that all the time. So yesterday began the process of trying to get him to nap in the crib like he used to. It involved lots of tears on his part but he eventually fell asleep. It is so hard because Pat and I both love holding him when he's sleeping and we'll continue to do that...but we can't hold him all day long. So the battle will continue and hopefully the three of can come to terms on this! :)