the great diaper debate

Pat and I always try our best to be enviromentally concious. We buy recycled tiolet paper (except today because we really needed it and I didn't want to take Zane to yet another store), we recycle everything we possibly can here in Indy's limited options for that, we do all kinds of small things to our home to make it not only "green" but safer for us and Zane as well with the products we use. We try to buy our food organic if we can find that option. BUT there's the diaper issue.

I knew before Zane was born that this would be a struggle for us. I looked into cloth diapers and looked at the VERY expensive diapers that are made of more biodegradable materials. To be honest, cloth diapers just are way too much work for new parents who are trying to get the hang of everything else too and they cause more diaper rashes. Secondly, as new parents we don't exactly have the funds to spend on the expensive option of more enviromentally friendly diapers. We go through so many diapers in a day that I'm shocked at how expensive it is just with the regular ones. So we're at a loss...we're stuck using the diapers that clogg the dumps for hundreds of years and we're feeling guilty about it.

We choose to spend extra money on other products that are safe and will some day spend alot of extra money to make our home as sustainable as possible, etc. We are truly passionate about trying to take responsibility with our part in this huge problem we as people have created. I just wish someone would invent an inexpensive diaper that new, young parents could use and not feel so guilty about!!!