I know it's only been just about 6 weeks since Zane was born but I'm ready to have my pre-pregnancy body back! I've lost a lot of the belly but now I have this belly and extra on the sides that just seems to be hanging on for the long run. You lose control of your body during pregnancy. You don't understand everything going on and the weirdest things happen. I'm ready to understand my body again but with breastfeeding that still has my hormones all over the place too.

It's really frustrating because I was told not to work out at all until I get "doctor's approval" at my check up...which thankfully is next week. I just want to have my old clothes fit normal again instead of being tight here and there. I don't want to go shopping for clothes in bigger sizes...I am not a huge fan of shopping anyways and that just makes it worse.

So as my last few days at home come to an end I plan on enjoying the last of our Girl Scout cookies and looking forward to working out very soon. I'm determined to get rid of the mom belly before lake season arrives. We'll see how it goes...I can use some cheerleaders for any of you out there who are good at that! :)